5 Best Activities for Corporate Team Building in Houston and Galveston

Team Building Activities Houston Galveston

Every team at a company needs time away from the office. One of the best ways to get to know your coworkers better while also building teamwork and having fun is to schedule a private activity outside of your office space. Hosting a team-building activity increases happiness among employees. In fact, companies with happy employees perform 20% better than their competitors.

There are many different team-building activities your team can pursue, from getting involved in your local community to having a chill paint night to getting in some exercise by chasing each either down in laser tag, there is something for every team.

Read on for our top picks for team-building activities in Houston and Galveston, Texas.

1. Escape Hunt Houston

One of the best team-building activities is an escape room. Your group will have to work together to solve a mystery on a time crunch. Escape Hunt Houston offers many adventures to choose from including finding Blackbeard’s treasure, rescuing the crew of an Apollo mission, recovering a stolen artifact, solving a murder mystery, and much more! Successfully solving an escape room challenge as a team can bolster your team’s trust in one another. You have the flexibility of choosing between a one-hour escape room game or a whole day experience.

2. Battlefield Houston

If the members of your team like to stay fit, booking some time at Battlefield Houston is a great way for everyone to get exercise. Battlefield Houston isn’t just your typical game of laser tag: each team has specific tactical objectives to achieve, similar to first-player video games. Missions can be customized to fit your goals for specific team objectives, or just to have fun. Drinks, snacks, and catering are available upon request.

3. Painting With A Twist

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If your team would rather do a more relaxing activity than laser tag, Painting With A Twist is an option for you. Even if you have no artistic skill, you can still have fun and learn from experienced painting instructors. All art supplies are provided, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess that may be left behind. Guests are allowed to bring their own snacks and beverages.

4. Game Show Challenge

Game Show wheel with "Game Show Challenge" logo in center

Test how well you know your coworkers in this interactive one-hour game show! Games include spinning a wheel to solve word puzzles, competing in hilarious relays, dropping chips from twelve feet in the air, and much more. The space can accommodate over one hundred people and you also have the option to bring outside food and catering. Hosting your team-building event at The Game Show Challenge is also a great way to support a local business in Houston!

5. BATL Axe Throwing

Another fun activity that also tests your athletic skill is ax throwing. BATL Houston offers coaches as part of your experience so you can have fun even if you’ve never thrown before. You can order your own food to be delivered or get food and drinks at the venue.