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What is the Game Show Challenge?

Have you ever wanted to be on a game show?  Your dream has come true.

The Game Show Challenge is a live, interactive game show led by a real game show host.  In this 60 minute game, you and your team will battle it out for bragging rights as the ultimate game show champions.  You may spin a 7 foot wheel as you try to solve word puzzles, guess top answers from survey questions, compete to see who knows their teammate best,  drop a chip from 12 ft in the air to see where it lands, compete in hilarious relays, and much more!  The Game Show Challenge is perfect for families, friends, coworkers or anyone looking for a fun-filled evening!



Contestants will participate in numerous rounds of 4 or more unique, game show challenges. Each game was created by the Game Show Challenge to keep your entire group engaged and having the time of your life! Below are some of the games that we created:

Spin to Win

In this challenge, Spin to Win, teams will solve word puzzles similar to hangman (a la “Wheel of Fortune”) after spinning our giant wheel.  Each spin will let you know if you can guess a letter, a consonant, or if you have to complete a task to earn the right for a letter.

Beat the Clock

In this fast paced challenge, teams will go head to head to determine who can complete challenges the fastest.  For example, in Ping-Tac-Toe, teams will bounce ping pong balls to their teammates who must catch them in a cup in a race to get Tic-Tac-Toe.

Gettin' Giphy Wit It

In this challenge, members from each team will be asked a question that they must answer by using a GIF from GIPHY.  Everyone will see their anonymous choice and vote on the best one.  The person who gets the most votes wins the round for their team. 

Real or Fake

In this hilarious game, REAL or FAKE, teams will live out their dreams as they assume the role of  fact checkers.  Each team will be presented with images of products, news articles, and more and they must determine whether or not the items are real or fake.

What the ____?

In this challenge, teams will see who knows their teammates the best.  One teammate from each team will be in our hot seat and we will ask them a question about themselves OR have them complete a sentence.  The team with the most correct matches wins!  

Loose Connections

In this challenge, teams try to solve the common bond between 3 word clues.  Each round begins as one team solves as many connections as possible in 60 seconds. A team may skip a set of clues, but be careful… the other team may steal any unsolved clues.

Survey Says

In this challenge teams will guess the top answers to fill in the blank style survey questions. The game begins with one team trying to guess every answer on the board in 45 seconds, but if they fail the other team may steal by guessing one remaining answer.

Drop Zone

In this final challenge, teams will drop six or more chips on our drop zone board from 12 feet in the air!  Before they begin, each team will wager how many points they believe they will achieve in their six drops.  It’s a wild ending of “Final Jeopardy” meets “Plinko.”

Trivia Auction

In this challenge, teams are given a question or topic and they must determine how many answers they can correctly identify in the allotted time.  They bid, back and forth, who can answer the most.  The winning “bid” must meet their goal or the other team wins. 

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