The Game Show Challenge was created by the husband-wife duo, Josh & Patty Brickey, who wowed thrill-seekers with their award-winning escape room, Escape Plan Columbia. Wanting to create more magical moments in people’s lives, The Game Show Challenge was born in Columbia, SC, offering a hands-on experience and endless replay fun! From triumphant trivia to heart-pounding feats, participants become immersed as game show superstars. The journey is now spreading across the country and they hope to bring the same magic to a city near you. They are on a mission to create lasting memories filled with magical moments…one game show at a time.

Colorful GameShow Wheel
A competitive man wearing a hat at the Game Show Challenge
A big roulette wheel at the Game Show Challenge


Step into the spotlight you’ve always dreamed of! The Game Show Challenge brings your game show fantasies to life with a live, interactive experience led by a real game show host. Get ready to embark on a thrilling 60-minute adventure where you and your team will battle it out for the title of ultimate game show champion! From spinning a colossal 7-foot wheel to solving brain-teasing word puzzles, guessing top answers from survey questions, and dropping a chip from 12 feet in the air, the challenges are endless and are sure to fill your group with laughter! Whether you’re looking for a fantastic evening with family, friends, or coworkers, The Game Show Challenge guarantees non-stop fun and excitement! Get your team together, and let the games begin!


The Game Show Challenge is guaranteed to give you an unforgettable experience. Here are some things that set us apart:
Custom-Crafted Fun

No two groups are the same, and neither are our games! Our proprietary software allows us to tailor and customize each game to match your group's energy and preferences. And the best part? We can even change the games "on the fly," ensuring a personalized adventure that keeps the excitement soaring!

Endless Replay-ability

Why settle for a one-time thrill when you can have unlimited fun? Our games are 100% replayable, so every visit promises a fresh and exhilarating experience. Had a blast today? Come back next week for a brand-new challenge that'll leave you hooked for more!

Chance to Win Real Prizes

Brace yourself for real prizes - yes, you heard it right! We're turning the excitement up a notch by giving you the chance to win incredible rewards, including jaw-dropping surprises like thousands in cash! Get ready to compete for fame and fortune in the most thrilling way possible!

Game Show Leagues

Move over trivia nights, because we're taking team spirit to a whole new level with our action-packed leagues! Gather your most competitive crew and show off your skills in our leagues, where the best game show teams battle it out for ultimate glory!


At The Game Show Challenge, we believe in delivering unmatched fun and opportunities that leave a lasting impact. Gather up your friends, family, or coworkers and join us at The Game Show Challenge: Where Memories are Made, and Champions are Crowned.